Protecting Women’s Sports 

Like many Missourians, Holly believes in protecting women’s sports by prohibiting biological men from competing in them. This past session she championed the “Save Women’s Sports Act”. This act ensures that female student athletes, kindergarten through the collegiate level, will have fair opportunities and competition. The law requires athletes to participate in male or female competitive sports based on their gender at birth.

Gun Rights

Holly believes that the 2nd Amendment is our bottom line as Americans. She is a proud member of the NRA, and also a Missouri Concealed Carry Permit holder. She will always stand firm on defending our rights to purchase, possess, and use firearms without government intrusion.


As a Christian, a mother, and a grandmother, Holly believes there is no debate – life begins at conception. We have an all-powerful God, and, time and again, we hear amazing stories of God’s miraculous power. Taking the life of an unborn baby is playing God in her eyes and she will vote her conscience on this issue every time.


Missouri is an agricultural state with more than 100,000 farms situated on more than 28 million acres of farmland. Missouri, with its abundance of farmland, is integral to the equation. On average, Missouri farms are about 291 acres and nearly all are family owned and operated. Regulations and government mandates, however, threaten our vital ag economy daily. In Jefferson City, Holly fights tirelessly for agriculture, knowing that it is the heart and soul of our rural economy.


Opioid Crisis

America is in the middle of a prescription drug epidemic. A day doesn’t go by without a new story or news program covering this issue. Holly has spent her time in the legislature working on policies to help those affected by this epidemic. From Grandparent’s rights – helping those who find themselves caring for their grandchildren, to increased funding for treatment and recovery programs, to enacting a state-wide Prescription Drug Monitoring Program – so that physicians can identify early signs of addiction, Holly has not shied away from the sensitive issues this epidemic has caused. Holly will never stop fighting for the families affected by this epidemic.


How do we repay someone who has laid down their life to protect ours? The truth is, we can’t, not fully. Holly comes from a long military line, dating back as far as the Revolutionary War. Our veterans will always hold a special place in her heart. As the granddaughter of CUCM Roy Otis Chaney, USNR-RET, she will proudly stand by and support our veterans at every given opportunity. Their sacrifice and courage should never be forgotten or taken lightly.


Government Accountability

On the federal and state levels, legislators have fallen down on the job and failed to fulfill their constitutional duty of oversight. Bureaucratic departments have swollen to become so large and complex they may seem impossible to tackle. However, it is our responsibility to make certain our taxpayer dollars are spent wisely and in a manner that is fiscally prudent. Holly considers it corporate welfare. She will continue working to rein in the current system of government picking winners and losers.


Education should be at the forefront of every legislator’s mind. Holly has voted to increase education funding each year, however, she doesn’t believe throwing money at schools is the solution to every problem. Parental rights, including curriculum transparency and school choice is important to Holly. Government bureaucracy should come second to parental guidance in our school systems. She also believes that four-year colleges are not for every child and that our vocational schools are equally important.


We have an obligation to explore and use every natural resource we have in America, including oil and natural gas. Radical environmentalists have made it their priority to end American domestic energy production. Such wrongheaded thinking has created a national security risk and Holly gladly fights the ridiculous attacks made by environmentalists at every opportunity in Jefferson City.

Protecting American Land

American farms and private land have been increasingly under attack by foreign actors. Holly believes no foreign government, especially the People’s Republic of China and Russia, should own land in Missouri. The state legislature needs to pass a bill banning foreign land ownership in the state of Missouri. This ban is vital to protecting our property rights and national security.



Small businesses are constantly under assault from government intrusion and over-regulation. As a former small business owner herself, Holly has worked diligently to make Missouri known for being a business-friendly state. Recently, Holly was awarded the Spirit of Enterprise Award. This award is granted to legislators that have consistently shown efforts to protect the free-enterprise system in Missouri. From working to ensure that our state departments are being a help, not a hindrance, to our business owners, to reducing burdensome government regulations, she has stood in the gap for our businesses so that they have the freedom to operate and grow.

Please find a full list of Holly’s business awards below.

  • Missouri Chamber of Commerce’s 2016 “Spirit of Enterprise” award recipient.     
  • National Right to Work’s 2017 Recipient of the “Senator Paul Fannin Award”.
  • The St. Louis Regional Chamber’s 2017 “Catalyst” award recipient.
  • Missouri Pharmacy Association’s 2017 “Legislative Leadership” award recipient.
  • Missouri State Medical Association’s 2018 “Legislator of the Year” award recipient.
  • Missouri Nurses Association’s 2019 “Excellence in Healthcare Legislation” recipient.
  • Missouri Chamber of Commerce’s 2019 “Business Champion” award recipient.
  • Missouri Chamber of Commerce’s 2022 “Legislative Excellence” award recipient.
  • Missouri Chamber of Commerce’s 2023 “Business Champion” award recipient.


Stand with Holly in the fight for Missouri’s Future.