Let’s Talk Domestic Violence

I’ve learned there are a lot more forms of domestic abuse than someone laying a hand on you. Many forms in fact. I’ve listened as testimony after testimony in the Missouri Senate painted a very clear picture of the extent of these abuses. Technology, for instance, plays a new, and now a very significant role in domestic violence. Stalking, shutting you out of your online accounts, veiled threats via Facebook posts, just to name a few, are all intended to torture you. More often than not, it’s simply to make you pay for not staying and enduring the abuse.

Showing Jesus’ Love

I’ve received several inquiries regarding a vote I cast in the final days of the 2021 session. Along with several other Republican Senators, I voted in support of an amendment that would have prohibited denying access to public transportation services based on sexual orientation or gender identity. A number of my constituents, especially my brothers and sisters in Christ, have asked me to explain my vote, knowing that I have consistently been a “NO” vote to the proposed Missouri Nondiscrimination Act, or “MONA”, as it is often called.